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Friday, October 17, 2008 Y

Heyhey! {:
There's a post, at last. X:
Yeah, most, or maybe all or you forgot the password -.-
And I still remember! :D
What a loyal 1A member am I! jkjk.

Yeah, so holidays are approaching. :D/:(
And yup, there's a class chalet! :D
Please look for naomi/claudia if interested. ;]
The whole class is invited. :D
Yeah, at sentosa. xD
22nd-24th November 2008. :
Overnight stays are available but area is not very big, so reserve your place to sleep now!
There's 2Days 2Nights. (:
Organiser: Naomi and Claudia (:
Person who booked the chalet: Naomi's Mom. (:
And you don't have to pay for the lodging as Naomi's mom is sponsoring us! woot! :D
So we just have to pay for the bbq. :}
Yup. :D

And yes, we are getting our report books back! :D/:(
omg. And yeah, pass up next year. :D/:(
Hope you all improved/get the marks you want! :D/:(

And yeah, SLs going for the camp, please bring your stuff on friday.
So, if you're taking a bus, then it will be very inconvenient. >:(
So try to ask your parents to send you or take a cab! :D

Well, and yeah.
This blog is so not dead. cause i revived it!
omg i'm so noble(my foot). :P

Yeah, i think that's all.
I'm Joey.

{{ 12:40 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

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