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Monday, October 20, 2008 Y

Yayayay or boobooboo.
Cause, schools gna end.
Happy? Sad? Well, we're going to the same class next year, i guess.

Hope all of us get promoted!!

Yeah, school's ending, but class chalet is coming.
Unlike 1E (sacarsm intended but no offence), ours is already booked!

Most of you may have heard that 1E, someone(no names mentioned) claimed to have booked 80chalets! Wtf, so dramatic right?
And even said that everyone will get a free iPhone, and a laptop.
Exaggeration is totally overrated.
And the person claimed to book the chalets for a super long period of time, so that people can come and go as they wish.
And yeah, all that was a lie.

BUT, for our class, the chalet is booked!
So no worries. about some liar shit.

Oh yes, for SLs, there is some dry-run thing tomorrow, idk after school or during school hours.
So, prepare to stay back. in case.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is the deadline for thinking skills thing.
Musical instruments are to be made!!!

And for SLs, being mentors, please bring masking tape on wednesday.
I think you should drink lots of water before you shout your throat out.

Yeah, nothing to say le.
Those who want to announce something, etc, can msn me to post.
And idk what but i forgot who said that i can't tell the pw out, cause there was someone who posted nasty things, a while ago?
So yeah. Pw will not be spread-ed.
I'm Joey, as expected.

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