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Tuesday, December 2, 2008 Y

Hey guys, the class chalet is OVER.
if you didn't go, bet you're gna regret it, fools and fucktards.
Firstly naomi, claudia xinyi and me, joey went vivo to get last minute items.
Then we went over to the chalet, and zaki reached!
so we went on in to the chalet!
Haha, fun we separated the beds for guys and girls.
then we unpacked the stuff. and watched TV for awhile and blew aircon.
then we went down, OMG so many arcade machines.
so i played with claudia.
then junyang came.
then we prepared for bbq and MORE ppl came, and went home after that.
thn zaki had to leave, cause of something.
thn we sent back, slack, thn POWER CUT!
Only our one you know, so fun.
thn we were pretty scared cause the curtain was open and facing the window was some tree that looked like some eerie tree.
then some technician came and solved the problem.
So we went to play some games like truth or dare, truth only. and more.
thn naomi and claudia entertained us with dance. haha.
thn SLEEP.
next morning wake up haha, so nice after sleeping.
we woke up and prepared a bbq lunch!
jiaqing arrived.
me and naomi went swimming in the 2M deep pool. coolness.
junyang went vivo to buy a TOY GUN?!
then they bbq while we swim.
after that we made our very own chocolate fondue!!
super nice, we dip strawberries and marshmellows, and bananas and more in the fondue.
then we went back up, bathe and went for the star of the day!
we went up in this cool thing.
then went down in this luge - go kart like thing.
it was so shiok.
thn when we reached then rain, lucky we weren't like stuck in the middle of driving the thing.
so we stopped at that place, seeing ppl get drenched.
thn the rain lightened, and we went off back.
we packed our stuff then went off for dinner.
went subway, then we went off.
actually got one more night but some thing cropped up and the night was wasted but nvm, it was fun~

regret now fucktards? i don't care, cause you guys are the ones that didn't go and you guys SUCK.


{{ 3:39 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Thursday, November 6, 2008 Y

The 2A blog is up.
But not officially opened and active.
The current layout/blogskin of that blog is same to this.

I'll be working on a new blogskin.
So that it has some fresh feeling? idk.
Well, give me some inspiration/ideas for the new skin.
You will be creditted.

You can tag/msn me the slogans or ideas then i'll take into consideration and make the new skin.

Yup. The cbox of the 2A blog is temporary, due to the colour fits the skin and im lazy to make a new one.
The 2A blog will have a different cbox due to the password of the old one is forgotten and we can't regconize spammers and some weird people like COLLIN THE BALLET or 1a sucks or something?

Yeah. && the class chalet is approaching.
So, do send me your ideas, DO NOT EMAIL me.
Cause i don't read my mail often.
Yupppp. nothing much to say alr.

Goodbye. ;D

it's clickable. do click for hits purpose ;X

I'm Joey.

{{ 9:29 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Y

Just came to say hi.
& we're all promoted!
to the same class if i'm not wrong.


sorry to let personal feelings enter this post but i really had to vent my anger on the keyboard by smashing it.

ya, class chalet coming.
did you guys get your hair dyed?
and uh i gtg.

{{ 11:28 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Monday, October 20, 2008 Y

Yayayay or boobooboo.
Cause, schools gna end.
Happy? Sad? Well, we're going to the same class next year, i guess.

Hope all of us get promoted!!

Yeah, school's ending, but class chalet is coming.
Unlike 1E (sacarsm intended but no offence), ours is already booked!

Most of you may have heard that 1E, someone(no names mentioned) claimed to have booked 80chalets! Wtf, so dramatic right?
And even said that everyone will get a free iPhone, and a laptop.
Exaggeration is totally overrated.
And the person claimed to book the chalets for a super long period of time, so that people can come and go as they wish.
And yeah, all that was a lie.

BUT, for our class, the chalet is booked!
So no worries. about some liar shit.

Oh yes, for SLs, there is some dry-run thing tomorrow, idk after school or during school hours.
So, prepare to stay back. in case.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is the deadline for thinking skills thing.
Musical instruments are to be made!!!

And for SLs, being mentors, please bring masking tape on wednesday.
I think you should drink lots of water before you shout your throat out.

Yeah, nothing to say le.
Those who want to announce something, etc, can msn me to post.
And idk what but i forgot who said that i can't tell the pw out, cause there was someone who posted nasty things, a while ago?
So yeah. Pw will not be spread-ed.
I'm Joey, as expected.

{{ 10:44 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Friday, October 17, 2008 Y

Heyhey! {:
There's a post, at last. X:
Yeah, most, or maybe all or you forgot the password -.-
And I still remember! :D
What a loyal 1A member am I! jkjk.

Yeah, so holidays are approaching. :D/:(
And yup, there's a class chalet! :D
Please look for naomi/claudia if interested. ;]
The whole class is invited. :D
Yeah, at sentosa. xD
22nd-24th November 2008. :
Overnight stays are available but area is not very big, so reserve your place to sleep now!
There's 2Days 2Nights. (:
Organiser: Naomi and Claudia (:
Person who booked the chalet: Naomi's Mom. (:
And you don't have to pay for the lodging as Naomi's mom is sponsoring us! woot! :D
So we just have to pay for the bbq. :}
Yup. :D

And yes, we are getting our report books back! :D/:(
omg. And yeah, pass up next year. :D/:(
Hope you all improved/get the marks you want! :D/:(

And yeah, SLs going for the camp, please bring your stuff on friday.
So, if you're taking a bus, then it will be very inconvenient. >:(
So try to ask your parents to send you or take a cab! :D

Well, and yeah.
This blog is so not dead. cause i revived it!
omg i'm so noble(my foot). :P

Yeah, i think that's all.
I'm Joey.

{{ 12:40 PM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Thursday, June 5, 2008 Y

Hellooooo there!
I'm Joey :D.
Just came to say hi :D


{{ 11:48 AM -
Little Memories Of The Past

Friday, May 30, 2008 Y

hiies peeps .
super guai Chia Ee is here again!
okays . im here to post MATHS homework .
hehe . i bias lahs . cannot arhs .
okays . for maths .
print out LMS worksheet & do it .
go to HeyMath! & do the test .
for textbook .
ex 8.3 question 5 ~10 .
ex 9.1 Question 15 -19 .
Ex. 9.2 Question 5 -9.
Ex 9.3 Question 2 -11 .
okays . enjoy ur holidays!

{{ 10:04 AM -
Little Memories Of The Past

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